About Me

I’m Dan. I live in the North Side of Pittsburgh (Pennsylvania, USA), with my wife Deena, son Owen, and daughter Elaine.

Professionally speaking, I write multi-platform software for a local AAC firm called Tobii DynaVox. I also do a bit of odd-jobs computer consulting on the side, with work ranging from MySQL database mangling, through a bit of WordPress/bbPress enhancement, to credit-card processing software written in C#. Jack-of-all/master-of-none is certainly an apt description for my programming skills.

Since spending all day sitting in a chair in front of a glowing screen is bad for my physical, intellectual, and moral health (have you SEEN what’s on the interwebz these days?!? I was so shocked I almost couldn’t right-click the images!),  I also futz around with more corporeal things on occasion. I do powder-coating (If you’re interested in having me powder-coat a bike frame, look here), home renovations of quality best described as “simian”, and am currently actively pursuing some advanced skills in sheet metal fabrication, with an eye towards doing high-end custom tool cases, chests, and cabinets.

When I can, I enjoy pedaling bicycles over distances that might seem a bit extreme to many people…I am an active member of the local randonneuring group, maintainer of the FAQ for the underground Crush the Commonwealth bike race, and have thoroughly enjoyed events such as the Calvin’s Challenge 12-hour race and the Endless Mountains 1240K grand randonnee.